Get informed by the Chatbot, here

A Chatbot assists organization, citizens, businesses and in general anyone who wants to be informed about the news and services of the  municipality / organization. 

3 Benefits:

  1. Simulation of human response and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.
  2. Already installed on users’ phones, using communication software plugins like facebook messenger.
  3. Data collection, selections, preferences and future financial transactions features. 

The main purpose of chatbots is to establish an alternative way of citizen and client care and easy communication with an organisation or a business.   Chatbots are programs installed on computers or mobile devices that simulate conversation among humans, use different techniques of speech processing, decision trees and artificial intelligence. They can answer frequently asked questions and help their interlocutor serving their purpose.   All the features run in a coherent environment of natural language, already installed  on users’ phones.